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Happy New Year 2011

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Author Message
Germany der_wichtig

Joined: Dec 16, 2007
Member#: 46
Posts: 533

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:36 pm   Post subject: Happy New Year 2011 Reply with quote

Laughing Cool
Germany ZeframCochrane VIP (subscribed member)

Joined: Aug 08, 2010
Member#: 872
Posts: 1690

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:28 pm   Post subject: Reply with quote

yep...belated Happy New Year Laughing Laughing Laughing
Carpe diem!
Cadet 4
Cadet 4

Joined: Nov 28, 2016
Member#: 6535
Posts: 19

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:30 am   Post subject: Reply with quote

how to clean your house or apartment

This is a checklist on how to clean your house or apartment, IN ORDER, QUICK, and EFFECTIVE. Depending on size this should take 30 minutes to 1 hour. That's it. You can take it as far as you would like depending on the time you would like to spend. Don't let the "extent of cleaning" dictate how much "time" is spent. Let the "time" dictate the "extent of cleaning". Know before hand how long you want to put into your cleaning. Try to put equal time into each room or task. The toughest part is getting started. Don't get side tracked.

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Get a garbage bag, the bigger the better, and do a walk through of your entire home. Pick up and throw away ANY trash. Including emptying the small cans in bathrooms and in bedrooms. When you are done empty the big can in the kitchen and put all bags outside for pick up.
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Step 22
Do another walk through and pick up ALL dirty clothes. Don't forget those dirty towels in the bathrooms. Take them to the laundry room and put a load on to wash. The perfect time to do a load of laundry is while cleaning your home. If you use a laundry mat, stuff everything into a laundry bag or basket and set aside for washing another day.
Dinner Step 43--
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Do another walk through and gather dirty dishes. Take 'em back to the kitchen and wash dishes. Wash, dry, and put away if possible.
Step 44
Now it's time for dusting. Get two rags. One is for wood and one is for everything else. Spray pledge on the "wood" rag and simply dampen the other. Go through each room dusting EVERYTHING that could collect dust. It is important to do this before vacuuming.
Step 55
Go back and clean the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Counter tops, microwave, stove, sinks, tubs and toilets. Use any "multi surface" cleaner. Putting away all miscellaneous items as you go.
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شركة جلي بلاط بالرياض
غسيل خزانات بالرياض

Step 66
Grab the vacuum and hit the entire house. Go back and forth slowly hitting high traffic areas in doorways and in front of sofas a few extra times.افضل شركات التنظيف بالرياض - افضل شركة تنظيف الكنب بالرياض
Step 77
Do a whole house walk through putting away any misplaced items and straightening things like chairs out of place or a magazine on the night stand. YOU ARE DONE!
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