25 Sep 18 - 09:27
notime33: Nothing like 1980s.FM to make the day betterSmilegrinYes

sunroomdude: LaughingYes

SonnyCrockett85: True, I am providing morale in my section of the office I suppose

notime33: Yes

sunroomdude: Doesn't Queue Management fall under "As other duties Assigned"? Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Or are they throwing things at you?LaughingLaughing

sunroomdude: Cool Sonny

notime33: That work thing keeps getting in the wayYesSmilegrinLaughing

conaltheballbearing: Good for you Sonny......workaholic!!LaughingLaughing

SonnyCrockett85: Sorry I'm rarely in the chat, trying to keep my head down at work Cool

SonnyCrockett85: Good mornin'!

notime33: YesLaughing

sunroomdude: El Diablo today LaughingCool

notime33: El DudeRock

sunroomdude: Hola mis amigos Cool