28 Sep 21 - 18:37
ski_83: see ya dude

Sunroomdude: Have a great day all Smile

Sunroomdude: Yes

endoftheroad: Notime you are rockin! RockRockRock

sanityIssues: And leave it unfinished?

Lmarrese: Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Sanity should have left MB on Pelle's list as a statement

conaltheballbearing: The ONE time I come in from the shop and this is what I get.....THANKS SANITY.....and Pelle in some form.

Lmarrese: Cool

Lmarrese: *looks for conal* Wasn't me!

sanityIssues: pelle's back! Yay!

Lmarrese: Going to go sit on my deck at lunch to enjoy it.

Lmarrese: Smilegrin

Sunroomdude: @lmarr, glad I have a kid appt later to get me outside Yes

sanityIssues: Too late...

sanityIssues: I suppose I should ask: pelle you around for a while?

Lmarrese: Sun - looks to be another nice warm day today.... tomorrow too

Lmarrese: Morning all

Sunroomdude: Hi Lmarr Cool

Sunroomdude: Sanity Laughing

sanityIssues: Morning Lmarrese.

Lmarrese: Morning all

sanityIssues: Morning Sunroomdude who never logs out...

Sunroomdude: It's like I never logged out Laughing good morning all Cool

sanityIssues: Morning notime, conaltheballbearing, Darth-Bobba et al.

notime33: Rain and cornflakes Smilegrin

conaltheballbearing: Nice to have rain on the radio and NOT in the air.RockRock

ski_83: Smile

endoftheroad: Thanks Ski!

ski_83: Way to go SAM - Gary Numan/Tubeway, and GAry Numan - Tracks!