26 May 24 - 10:48
Don_Ruko: Rock

shru: Good night!

shru: WOW - listened for 14 hours today! Thoroughly enjoyed listening!

shru: \m/ Don Ruko

Don_Ruko: Rock shru

shru: King Diamond - grandma!

shru: Thanks for the tunes Don Ruko!

shru: Greetings! Anyone here today?

sanityIssues: Thanks lilred for the supply.

lilred87: Happy TGIF y'all!

SeclusionSolution: adios

SeclusionSolution: blocking javascripts from different domains until I whitelist them

SeclusionSolution: also using noscript plugin

SeclusionSolution: no such problem here

SeclusionSolution: no such problem here

SeclusionSolution: use ad blocker

conaltheballbearing: The massive ads that come up after you make a request are a real drag.Rock

SeclusionSolution: the famous pentatonic sound

xevsseldne: keytar Laughing

SeclusionSolution: RockRockRock

SeclusionSolution: one decade too late

Warm_Leatherette: hello Sec, thought link was more fitting hereLaughing

SeclusionSolution: slade Hotcup

Lmarrese: Morning thur

thuringwethil: Hola peeps

Warm_Leatherette: https://tinyurl.com/2c2b3hwn

Lmarrese: howdy seclu

Lmarrese: Hey xev

SeclusionSolution: lmarr Beer

xevsseldne: aloha Lmarrese Smile TGIF!