02 Feb 23 - 15:43
LMarrese: Laughing

conaltheballbearing: What 'dya say sonny? Speak up.

LMarrese: Do we need to give you the "Old Yeller" treatment? SmilegrinRazz

ski_83: bummer conal

conaltheballbearing: So after a couple of month in physio for my right shoulder, just wrecked my LEFT shoulder. I hate being old.LaughingLaughing

notime33: SmileSmilegrinYes

notime33: SmileSmilegrinYes

endoftheroad: Thanks Notime

Winter: *hugs* Ski

ski_83: *hugs* Winter'

ski_83: Mornin' everyone

LMarrese: Morning all

sanityIssues: Yes morning thezepp.

Winter: Buenos dias Zepp

thezepp: Smile sanityissues

thezepp: Smile buenos días notime, Winter, Thur Yes

Winter: Morning Sanity

sanityIssues: Morning all.

Winter: Morning everyone.

notime33: Or picking others favsRolling eyes..I think I just picked a Thur fav but thought it was conal Laughing

notime33: LaughingLaughing

conaltheballbearing: Distracted requesting it the leading cause accidental song playing.LaughingLaughing

notime33: Yep…I forget what song block I am working on at times SmilegrinYes

conaltheballbearing: Wow.....deep in the heart of Texas....is so cold.

conaltheballbearing: Here's hoping for a 3 3/4 day work week!!RockRockRock

Thuringwethil: There is no Thur’s day. Thur is still Iced in and working remotely which means I can’t pull up 1980s

conaltheballbearing: Looks like Berlin invaded the John Waite set there Notime.

conaltheballbearing: HERE I AM as it says on that song back on my feet again

notime33: Where’s Banker…Is it Friday yet?..conalCool

notime33: Buenos dias zeppSmile