05 Aug 20 - 15:08
Conaltheballbearing: Good afternoon.....way after noon.Cool

endoftheroad: Good Morning

Lmarrese: Morning all

Winter: *hugs* Hi Ski

ski_83: *hugs* Winter

ski_83: Hi gang

Winter: Morning everyone

notime33: SmilegrinCool

Wild_boy: Thanks Notime.. Notime!!! Some Doro!!!!

notime33: And it is starting to Rain conalSmilegrinRockYesSmileLaughing

notime33: LaughingCool

Conaltheballbearing: Here intime for a Japanese boy dancing the night away with the golden boy in a northern town.LaughingLaughing

notime33: Welcome to Wednesday and some DD ..Wildboy..Wildboy..Cool

Wild_boy: Happy Hump Day Fellow 80s Kiddos!!! thanks Notime.. Notime!!!

notime33: Laughing Never sure when Banker conal will show. Smilegrin Have to make sure you don’t miss “The Rain”RockCoolLaughing

anmlady: SmileSmile

Don_Ruko: Rock anmlady

anmlady: Good night Ferris!

FerrisBueller: *

FerrisBueller: Sleeping time for me. Good night everyone.

anmlady: Wow I like this Amii Stewart song! thanks notime33! GOod night!SmileSmileSmile

notime33: SmilegrinYes

anmlady: HI notime33! I dind't know Amii Stewart put anything out after "Knock on Wood". Great that I'll hear another song from her. Good night!

notime33: Time for bedSleepingSleepingSleeping

notime33: Good evening El Commodore Cd man..and anmladyYes

anmlady: Hello also to notime33 and Don_Ruko!SmileSmileSmile

FerrisBueller: How's this for a fast reply? Laughing

anmlady: Hi FerrisBueller! I literally just snet you a message on here.SmileSmileSmile

FerrisBueller: Hello anmlady, Don, el Capitain notime... and all lurkers @ 1980s.FM Smile

endoftheroad: RockRockRock