27 May 17 - 02:17
Don_Ruko: Rock

sunroomdude: Cool

ski_83: thx, bye dude, have a good one!

sunroomdude: Last one for me, way to save the queue earlier Ski Smile Have a great weekend all

sunroomdude: Yes

LMarrese: it's been nutty all day here for me Rolling eyes

sunroomdude: Wow, busy afternoon here....

ski_83: not meSad

ski_83: it appears...

conaltheballbearing: Wow....everyone taking the weekend off early???LaughingLaughing

ski_83: *lunch bbl...*

endoftheroad: Nice queue guys Smile

sunroomdude: Errand time, bbl Cool

ski_83: Hi End

endoftheroad: Happy Friday!