15 Nov 18 - 16:13
endoftheroad: Give them free stuff. One lady complained that the frozen dinners where making her stomach ache ... She was keeping the frozen dinners in her cupboard then reheating them after several days/weeks!

endoftheroad: My dad used to work for Van De Camp .. frozen foods in sales .. when he would go outta town he would talk to customer support and get the letters people would send in complaining about the food. Then he would go and visit them at their house!

LMarrese: Thanks. Sadly a part of being customer service...

endoftheroad: Rolling eyes Sorry Mar

LMarrese: grrr... local customer sent a snarky email... put me off for the day Upset

endoftheroad: Nice job Dude ... can be hard sometimes Smile

sunroomdude: darn kids LaughingLaughing

sunroomdude: My Spidey Sense is kicking in...Heading out early Smile See everyone tomorrow Smile

LMarrese: Smilegrin

sunroomdude: Our youngest has her challenges Smile but endeavors to persevere....

sunroomdude: Kid pulled it together after hearing I was coming Laughing

endoftheroad: Nice one Dude Smile

sunroomdude: Argghhh...the dreaded call from school, see ya'll later Smile

notime33: SmilegrinYes

Winter: Yes