18 Oct 17 - 01:53
endoftheroad: Thanks for the request Conal

Winter: Hi puitas

puitas: hi guys

sunroomdude: Off to see if I can still see Smile C'yall later...

sunroomdude: Yeah, eye appt this afternoon Smile Beauty day out there!

sunroomdude: You are most welcome Jona Smile

Winter: One man's sin is another man's song. At least in this case. Wink

Jona: love this song, Sun. Thanks!

conaltheballbearing: My brother in law once said, while up at the cottage once, after I queued up my Ipod to the sound system and then went out for a canoe padle that THAT is a sin.RockRock

conaltheballbearing: Skillfully timed I'm sure.YesYes

sunroomdude: Laughing Rats....missed that combo Conal

conaltheballbearing: Talk about your classic 1-2 punch.Dead

conaltheballbearing: ET TU SUNROOM!!???Rolling eyes

conaltheballbearing: WINTER!!!!!WHY!!?????*turns volume Wayyyyyyy down on Mike B.Laughing*

ski_83: *lunch mode*