21 Apr 21 - 03:29
ski_83: *back*

ski_83: *break time*

ski_83: oops, guess I let SAM in...

ski_83: Laughing

conaltheballbearing: SKI IS HERE TO SAVE US FROM THE SAM!!RockRockRock

ski_83: *hugs* Winter

ski_83: Good morning, gang

conaltheballbearing: Yeah, that guy needs to get an alarm clock.LaughingLaughing

notime33: Where's Banker...Is it only Tuesday? It use to be Wednesday...conal

notime33: Good morning Wild boy..Wild boyRockSmileYes

wild_boy: Happy 'Til Tuesday fellow 80s Kiddos!! Thanks Notime.. Notime.. Wild boys always shine!!

Lmarrese: Laughing

ski_83: Hi conal!

conaltheballbearing: Hello Ski.

conaltheballbearing: I'm pretty sure JERICs knowledge of the tactic had him pretty scared. LMarrse.LaughingLaughing

ski_83: Smile

wild_boy: Thanks for the Robbie Nevil Ski!!

Lmarrese: hi ski

ski_83: Hi gang

Lmarrese: He's a big guy... not sure how much I could rough him up. I could kick his shins pretty good though Cool

Lmarrese: Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Vipping away.....now if I can only figure out how to VIP away all the work I got to do around here. Thanks for roughing up JERIC for me.LaughingLaughingLaughing

wild_boy: Thanks for the songs Conal and Notime.. Notime!!

Lmarrese: I see a VIP conal is a happy conal today. CoolSmilegrin

conaltheballbearing: Early bird gets the rain.RockRockYou're just a squirrel looking for a nut!!LaughingLaughingLaughing

notime33: But I have “The Rain” ready of a 8:30 Banker start time SmilegrinLaughing

notime33: And Banker conal shows up before 8amBig eekEekBig eekBig eekBig eek

conaltheballbearing: At least Notime has Cued up some fantastic Monday Song options.RockRock

conaltheballbearing: THat would be SWEEEEEEEET!!!!LaughingLaughing

notime33: Where's Banker..What? Its Monday again? What happened to my 3 day weekend? Maybe its the Twilight Zone and I will wake up and have my 3 day workweek instead of the nightmare 5 day work week...conalCool