07 Jun 23 - 14:40
thuringwethil: Do you know how far way that is from us?

thuringwethil: we have smoke, from C A N A D A

conaltheballbearing: Good day....except for the smoke smell from the fire.

thuringwethil: morning peeps

lilred87: Happy Hump Day y'all!

conaltheballbearing: Happier Wednesday.

endoftheroad: Happy Tuesday!

conaltheballbearing: smells like I'm camping around here.

conaltheballbearing: Someone is having a bonfire around here.

ski_83: Hi Thur,

Winter: *hugs* Morning Ski. Morning Thur.

thuringwethil: morning peeps

ski_83: *hugs* Winter

ski_83: Morning, gang

Winter: Morning Sanity

sanityIssues: How's the air where you are conaltheballbearing?

sanityIssues: Morning all. Hope everyone is doing well.

Winter: Morning all.

ski_83: Hi thur

thuringwethil: afternoon peeps

Winter: *hugs* Hey Ski

ski_83: *hugs* Winter

ski_83: Morning everyone

Lmarrese: Morning all

Winter: Buenos dias Zepp

thezepp: Buenos días Winter, Lmarrese, conaltheballbearing SmileCool

Winter: Morning all.

Don_Ruko: Rock thezepp

thezepp: Buenas noches gustabotronik, excelente tu YesRock

thezepp: El listado está libre Don_Ruko YesRock, participa en cualquier tiempo, me tocó domingo de turno 4 pm a 8 am, 13 horas más todavía SmilegrinYesRock