19 Aug 17 - 12:56
FerrisBueller: *

FerrisBueller: Ok, bed time for me. Before I head out, here is an 80's cover I think you all will like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGwBYcPQLC8

FerrisBueller: Ok, I think that's enough requests for 1 evening... Laughing

FerrisBueller: Yes It's just complicated enough to where my employer would frown on that

Abe: Listening to music in one ear while listening to a caller in the other ear could be a problem Yes

FerrisBueller: Well, I work in a call center, and there's less than 1 second between calls, generally. So, as a practical matter, no.

Abe: Bummer. So no smartphone with streaming music allowed on the job?

FerrisBueller: So, I have to restrict myself to hours when I am away from work.

FerrisBueller: Ah. Yea, I haven't kept up as much with that, obviously. My new job, unfortunately, does not allow me to listen to music at work. Sad

Abe: Plenty of other internet radio stations use ShoutCast or IceCast of course

Abe: The SomaFM stations all use IceCast

Abe: Sort of. The 24Seven.FM stations use ShoutCast

FerrisBueller: Ah, Ok, so Winamp etc.

FerrisBueller: Ok, and that helps us how, again?

Abe: Which is basically any internet radio stations that use ShoutCast or IceCast