22 Oct 20 - 22:55
Wild_boy: Way thanks Notime.. Notime!! Arcadia!!!

notime33: SmilegrinYesCool

endoftheroad: Thanks Notime & LMar!

conaltheballbearing: sort of like my retired parents LaughingLaughing

LMarrese: Laughing

notime33: That's what happens when you only work a few days a weekSmilegrin..you forget when its a real FridayLaughing

conaltheballbearing: Good morning (although it would be better if it was FRIDAY morning)LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

conaltheballbearing: you mean this ISN'T Friday????

notime33: Where's Banker...Its Thursday,4 work days, can I make it till Friday and actually work 5 days this week? conalSmilegrinRock

notime33: Welcome to another Thursday aka Friday eve..Wild boy..WIldboyRockSmile

Wild_boy: Happy Thirsty Thursday Fellow 80s Kiddos!!! We Are Here!!

Wild_boy: Reflex for Thirsty Thursday!! Thanks Notime.. Notime!!!

Morg: *waves to anyone lurking about*

LMarrese: Laughing

conaltheballbearing: Nice indeed. See you tomorrow??? THis 4 day work week thing is really getting taxing.LaughingLaughing

LMarrese: Yes Nice

Lance: Lots of ListenersYes

notime33: 76F here today and tomorrow Rock

LMarrese: Looks like we'll be hovering around 0 for the next little bit

LMarrese: LaughingRazz

conaltheballbearing: SmileHybernating sounds pretty good....but I might run out of things to watch on Netflix by then.LaughingLaughing

conaltheballbearing: It's supposed to be 22C on Friday....I should take that day off.Smilegrin

conaltheballbearing: I just got back off the floor there. It couldn't happen to a nicer place for it.LaughingLaughing

LMarrese: that's about it

notime33: Just hibernate conal...wake up next SpringLaughing

LMarrese: Oh conal...you should see all the lovely sn@w on the ground this morning... @ 4cm

Lance: Laughing

notime33: Laughing

notime33: Rolling eyes

conaltheballbearing: I got woken up this morning by my ears ringing. Where you people talking about little old me?LaughingLaughingLaughing