27 Apr 17 - 16:34
LMarrese: ABE!

sunroomdude: Cool

Abe: Hi srdude and all. Nice Byrne pick, btw Smile

sunroomdude: Howdy Abe Cool

sunroomdude: they were glad when I was done Cool

sunroomdude: Laughing Electrician, Engineer and Manager....not very well either Laughing

conaltheballbearing: What are you playing Sunroom? Hockey? Soccer? Cricket??Laughing

sunroomdude: Hello End Cool

endoftheroad: Good Morning Smile

sunroomdude: out playing in the shop, I love it but not sure my crew does Laughing

sunroomdude: Hi again Smile

ski_83: Hi Shubb

LMarrese: hi all

Shubb-NigguRath: Hey everyone!Cool

Winter: *hugs* Hey Ski