31 May 20 - 06:30
Wild_Boy: I hear ya Winter. That freaked me out the first time I heard that on the record album I have. I thought the record was skipping or some paranormal dream attack.

Winter: I don't actually mind the song, I just wish the last two and a half minutes weren't sirens. Headache-inducing.

Wild_boy: Way thanks Lance!! Let The Sirens Roar!!! It's The Weekend!!!

conaltheballbearing: have a good weekend allRock

Lance: vikingo : Yes

Lance: Yes

Wild_boy: Thank you Lance!!

Winter: SmilegrinRock

Wild_boy: Thanks for the Berlin Winter Smile

conaltheballbearing: Yes, but I agree.Rolling eyes

Winter: Happy Friday, End

endoftheroad: Rock Happy Friday!

Winter: Here, too.

Lmarrese: It's been crazy at work all week

Winter: We must all be busy this morning. SAM keeps slipping into the queue

conaltheballbearing: Only wish I got 3 more songs in there to avoid the SAM invasion.LaughingLaughingLaughing

conaltheballbearing: Glad to do it Wildboy.

conaltheballbearing: Glad to do it Wildboy.

Wild_boy: Thanks very much Conal for some Wild Boy Faves SmileRockCool

Winter: Morning Conal

conaltheballbearing: wow....You go and make a special queue for a guy and then off he goes to "work" Oh well...at least it didn't include Vinnie Vincent....LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

conaltheballbearing: OldSoul1508 needs to publish some faves so they can have thier own all request hour.LaughingLaughingLaughing Hello OldSoul1508. Is that your birthdate? Wow...you ARE old!!LaughingLaughingLaughingSmilegrin

Wild_boy: Good moring Conal and Notime..Notime!!

conaltheballbearing: GOOOOOOOOOD Friday (not the Easter holiday) Everyone!!!RockRockRockRock

Wild_boy: Happy TGIF Fellow 80s Kiddos!!

Lmarrese: see ya conal

conaltheballbearing: great queueing today everyone!!RockRockRock

conaltheballbearing: time to brave the rain....later all!!!!RockRock

Lmarrese: nope

conaltheballbearing: so....if one toggles over to say...SST, do they disappear off the Online now list?