25 Sep 22 - 22:47
notime33: Hola zeppSmileYes

thezepp: Buenas noches notime, Don_Ruko YesRock

FerrisBueller: *waves to El Capitain notime, and Don, as he heads out* Smilegrin

FerrisBueller: *

FerrisBueller: (and everyone @ 1980s.FM )

FerrisBueller: Hola thezepp and mazenSmile

thezepp: mazen Cool

thezepp: Saludos FerrisBueller YesSmile

Don_Ruko: Rock thezepp

thezepp: Yes Don_Ruko

thezepp: Smile

endoftheroad: Gracias Zepp

conaltheballbearing: the key is to NOT come back.LaughingLaughing

thuringwethil: anytime I have a 3 or 4 day work week, my work is double when I come back

conaltheballbearing: Where are the robots and the 3 day work weeks around here?

conaltheballbearing: -especially compared to last week.

LMarrese: That is has...

thuringwethil: TGIF it has been a long week

LMarrese: Happy Friday!

thuringwethil: morning peeps

ski_83: bye thur

Lmarrese: later thur

thuringwethil: Thank you all for another fun-filled Thur's day - Happy working women's day to all of our working women which today may just be lmar and myself

thuringwethil: Well, I have not had lunch yet

sanityIssues: Not that I'm on a donut kick, but... *imagines thuringwethil shaking conaltheballbearing upsidedown looking for, wait for it... donuts*

thuringwethil: usually

sanityIssues: I will especially miss everyone at around 2pm as that is when the afternoon lull hits and I go for... donuts???

thuringwethil: Sad

sanityIssues: Tomorrow is physical as I had to exchange for Monday.

thuringwethil: no lurk from work?