16 Jan 19 - 15:47
endoftheroad: Thanks Conal!

sunroomdude: Rats...I missed MB for Conal Smile

lilred87: tehehe, thanks sunroomdude

Lmarrese: conal must just be loving this... LOL

lilred87: Thank you conaltheballbearing

lilred87: Good one, thanks sunroomdude

thezepp: Smile buenas tardes , saludos a todos Yes

endoftheroad: Thanks Dude Smile

ski_83: *lunch*

sunroomdude: shop time Smile

sunroomdude: He looks quite buff, may not fit in small door or behind wheel Laughing

conaltheballbearing: yes but would it fit......ACTION JACKSON!!??

sunroomdude: You are welcome lilred

sunroomdude: yes he was conal....inside to boot Laughing it would fit....

conaltheballbearing: "you ripped that boys arm off."...."he had a spare"LaughingLaughingLaughing