23 May 18 - 10:51
endoftheroad: Good Morning

sunroomdude: *shoplurk*

Winter: *worklurk*

Winter: Unfortunately, duty calls and I have a conference call in ten minutes.

sunroomdude: CoolSmile

Winter: Thank you, Dude. And good morning.

sunroomdude: And a Grand HBD to Winter Smile

sunroomdude: Good Morning Everyone Welcome to Wednesday Smile

conaltheballbearing: How far was that door, Sunroom?LaughingLaughing

sunroomdude: Heading for the door Smile Be well everyone...

sunroomdude: Cool you are most welcome end

endoftheroad: Thanks again Dude Smile

sunroomdude: Yes c'ya conal Smile

conaltheballbearing: off to the rain!!!Rolling eyesat least it's not a weekend.Smilegrin

sunroomdude: Cool